Where Good Nutrition Is Needed Most

Posted on 4th May 2018

A study released by Rural Healthy People 2020 finds that rural communities in the United States are facing far more significant health challenges today than when the organization was first formed Rural Healthy People focuses on the healthcare needs of those living considerable distances from towns or metropolitan areas as well as many miles from hospitals or medical faciliti … read more
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Before You Eat It, Do You Know the RACC?

Posted on 27th Apr 2018

If you check the label on virtually any food item, you’re going to see the RACC at the very top. RACC is an acronym developed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and it stands for Reference Amount Customarily Consumed. Usually, on the food label it is listed as “servings per container.” But how do they determine the servings per container? If you think it is determ … read more
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Norovirus Outbreak in San Francisco Elementary School

Posted on 19th Apr 2018

Public health officials in San Francisco announced in January 2018 that 57 people (students and teachers), have come down with norovirus in a local elementary school. This happened at McKinley Elementary , located in the heart of the city, and one of the city’s larger elementary schools. "McKinley started noticing students with a pattern of symptoms that were suspicious fo … read more
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Advice on Handling Food Cool Down

Posted on 10th Apr 2018

A problem many cooks and food service professionals must grapple with, is how long to allow just-cooked food to cool down safely (sometimes referred to as the “chill down”) before placing it in a refrigerator or freezer for storage.   If food cools too slowly, bacteria can build up that can cause food poisoning. If the food is placed in a refrigerator or freezer while … read more
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Six Steps to Proper Handwashing in the Food Service Industry

Posted on 6th Apr 2018

If you’re in the foodservice industry, especially involved with food preparation, proper handwashing is very important. While office workers and those working in most all other industries can get by just remembering to sing Happy Birthday to themselves twice as they wash (the oft-cited way to measure the full 20 seconds required to effectively wash hands), for food service workers, s … read more
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New Technologies Address the Need to Continuously Monitor Food Temperatures

Posted on 29th Mar 2018

In September 2016, many people attending a catered lunch developed a gastrointestinal illness. Local health officials were called in to investigate and surveys were sent to all those attending to help determine how this happened. Here’s what was discovered: Approximately 50 people attended the lunch, 30 of whom (60 percent) became ill. They all reported diarrhea, abdominal p … read more
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Avoiding Burns in the Kitchen And Other Ways to Protect Hands

Posted on 19th Mar 2018

As a chef poured some pancake batter onto a griddle, his hand accidentally touched the side of the griddle. In less than a second, he hears an audible hiss—the sound of flesh, his own flesh in this case, being burned. It happened so fast, his brain had not even detected the accident. As soon as it did, he jumped back. However, by then, there was already a raised light area on … read more
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Automate for a Better, Safer Kitchen

Posted on 2nd Mar 2018

DayMark introduces cloud-based, app-driven food prep and Grab & Go labeling platform DayMark Safety Systems’ new kitchen automation system is designed to transform the way restaurants, quick-service retailers and non-commercial kitchens safely prepare the food they serve consumers. Key to the platform is DayMark’s new Gateway, a proprietary digital distribution platform … read more
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The End of Time and Temperature Abuse

Posted on 2nd Mar 2018

What is referred to as "time and temperature abuse" is a leading cause of food poisoning. Time abuse refers to the fact that at a certain point, bacteria will start to grow in cooked foods such as meats, fish, pork, and poultry that have been left out at room temperatures. In about two hours, these bacteria can make food unsafe, potentially causing food poisoning if a person consumes … read more
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Hawk Safety System Monitors Refrigeration and Cooking Temperatures

Posted on 22nd Feb 2018

Some restaurant owners and managers may think that health code inspectors are just interested in finding code violations at the time they come to inspect a commercial kitchen. While they certainly will “write up” violations they find at the time of the inspection, what many are checking for now is what we can term “management control.” In other words, they are looking to see how the … read more
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