Disposable Gloves

DayMark offers a variety of disposable gloves for a range of food service uses. Close-fitting Vinyl gloves and loose-fitting Poly gloves are great for tasks requiring dexterity. Blue Nitrile gloves are powder free and all purpose. For dishwashing and working with chemicals, 22 mil Long Sleeve gloves and 18 mil Latex gloves are ideal. To prevent cross-contamination, disposable gloves should be changed when they become soiled, when changing tasks, when handling raw meats, and at least once every four hours during continual use.
  • Blue Vinyl Gloves

    Blue Vinyl Gloves

    *Click for statement regarding powdered gloves*Close-fitting Blue Vinyl Gloves provide a safe and sanitary second skin useful for performing tasks that require dexterity and sensitivity. Blue vinyl gloves are designed for easy visual detection, an...

  • Clear Latex Gloves

    Clear Latex Gloves

    *Click for statement regarding powdered gloves*These general purpose disposable gloves are great for everyday tasks such as cleaning and other non-medical applications. Ambidextrous and featuring a beaded cuff, gloves can be easily removed and...

  • Clear Vinyl Gloves

    Clear Vinyl Gloves

    *Click for statement regarding powdered gloves*Prevent cross contamination during food preparation and other kitchen tasks with Clear Vinyl Gloves. Great for kitchen applications that require manual dexterity, these disposable gloves are comfortable...

  • Latex Gloves

    Latex Gloves

    18 mil latex gloves offer hand and wrist protection for a number of kitchen tasks. Unlined with a longer sleeve than standard gloves, 18 mil latex gloves are well-suited for dishwashing and for use with cleaning chemicals. 18 mil latex gloves are...

  • Nitrile Gloves

    Nitrile Gloves

    *Click for statement regarding powdered gloves*Disposable Nitrile Gloves are a safe and sanitary method of food handling that prevents cross contamination. Blue nitrile gloves are close-fitting and flexible, creating excellent dexterity and...

  • Poly Gloves

    Poly Gloves

    Poly Gloves are loose-fitting disposable gloves that are comfortable and economical. With no tight-fitting band around the wrist, poly gloves can quickly be removed and replaced after use. For easy access, store poly gloves in a wall-mounted glove...