About Us

Innovative Company. Innovative Solutions.

Operating expenses are up and income is down throughout the entire food service industry. After taxes and expenses restaurants that make money, according to the National Restaurant Association, have bottom lines at 0.5 – 3.0 percent of sales. This tiny percentage is the difference between being profitable and going under, and it drives home the importance of controlling food cost. The best way to control food cost is to have a proper food-rotation system in place. Located in Bowling Green, Ohio, DayMark Safety Systems is the leader in personal, facility and food safety systems. Founded in 1989, DayMark specializes in products that assist restaurants and other food service establishments in complying with FDA and other compliance codes.

With our industry leading commitment to the customer through authorized distribution, DayMark offers ease of purchase and sales programs designed to support customer choice. DayMark Food Safety products are served globally through our network of trained food service distributors.

Our Values.

We operate as a team bringing to life our core values. Our goal is to provide efficient, economical, and innovative ways to label in compliance with Federal Food Codes, as well as additional safety products, services and solutions for the food service industry. DayMark has been an INNOVATOR in the labeling field since 1997 with the introduction of the Dissolve-A-Way™ labels. The next few years saw many advances, including: Dissolve-A-Way™ Tape, MoveMark™ Removable, SmartTemp and ReMark™ Repositionable labels. Our extensive line of labeling products ensures that we have just what you're looking for. DayMark carries a line of seven different adhesives, from DissolveMark™ to CoolMark™. We have a label and an adhesive sure to meet your needs.

The DayMark Difference.

We are the complete safety source. Customers will consistently find good products at fair prices backed by exceptional customer service. Whether DayMark is introducing a proprietary product or supplying a customer with relevant information, the company is dedicated to understanding and supporting the end user. With more food borne illnesses arising, DayMark Safety Systems will provide solutions to keep your company at the forefront of safety.

Dedicated to the Environment.

WE RECYCLE:Copier, fax and printer cartridges; office papers, including shredded paper metals; aluminum cans; recycle or reuse all pallets, corrugated boxes and materials and scrap matrix from pressure sensitive stock.

WE ARE ENERGY EFFICIENT:We utilize electric powered industrial lifts. We utilize low energy high efficiency lighting. Air compressors are only powered up when facility in production mode. Lighting is on in facility only during operational hours. Sensors control low traffic areas. All heating and cooling equipment is serviced regularly and demand controlled. Machine heat is recycled for facility use. Facility performs annual energy audits.

WE TAKE ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIONS:Inks are water-based and are dried down prior to disposal. All cleaning agents are biodegradable. We've received certification from a local solid waste district giving approval of waste stream. Our property is in compliance with policies of State EPA for storm water discharge. Vendors should be certified by their industry as green-compliant.

INTERNAL COMMITMENT: Utilize recycled materials in process (i.e. cores and corrugated boxes). Reuse copy paper. Our food rotation labels are BLUE, YELLOW, RED, BROWN, ORANGE, BLACK and very GREEN. Our DissolveMark™ labels are 100% biodegradable. All our labels use soy-based ink and our packaging materials are recycled.

We are happy to report that when you partner with us you partner with the earth. By implementing our sustainability and quality initiatives, we are proactively finding the right sources and implementing the right processes that will sustain our environment and help save our world.

Our Continuity Plan.

DayMark Safety Systems is dedicated to your business. In the event of a disaster, DayMark has adopted a Business Continuity Plan.

  • Business Continuity Plan has been in place for our holding company and all subsidiaries since December 2005.
  • Business Continuity Plan is a company-wide process involving key department teams.
  • Plan is updated twice a year in June and December.
  • Practice simulations are conducted every other year.

We are contracted with a National Recovery Facility if our campus is unavailable.