Control proper food portioning, storage, and cooking with food bags. Food bags aid in monitoring portions of food and ensuring code-compliant cooking and storing procedures. This collection of food bags includes Portion Bags, Pastry Bags, and Cook Chill Bags.

  • 10" x 8.5" Day of the Week Bags

    10" x 8.5" Day of the Week Bags

    Over-portioning is a significant source of food waste. By controlling portioning, food service establishments can save a substantial amount of annual operating costs. Day of the Week Portion Bags are designed to reduce costly food waste while assisting...

  • 5.5" x 5.5" Day of the Week Bags

    5.5" x 5.5" Day of the Week Bags

    Reduce food waste and save on operating costs with Day of the Week Portion Bags. Portion control bags enable users to maintain portion consistency. These Day of the Week Portion Bags measure 5.5” x 5.5” and can hold up to 11 fl. oz. Portion bags are...

  • 6.5" x 7" Day of the Week Bags

    6.5" x 7" Day of the Week Bags

    Day of the Week Portion Bags reduce food waste by controlling proper food portions. With a flip-lock top, Day of the Week Portion Bags can be sealed and stored safely. Day of the Week Bags also include space for writing important food rotation...

  • 8.5 x 8.5" Day of the Week Bags

    8.5 x 8.5" Day of the Week Bags

    Monitor food costs with Day of the Week Portion Bags. These portion control bags measure 8.5” x 8.5” and can hold up to 40 fl. oz. Day of the Week Portion Bags include space for marking portions with necessary food rotation information and are equipped...

  • Clear Portion Bags

    Clear Portion Bags

    Using standardized recipes helps control costs and ensures quality and consistency of menu items. By providing your cooks and bartenders with Clear Portion Bags and necessary information, you can retain control over portioning. Clear Portion Bags are...

  • Cook-Chill Bag Stand

    Cook-Chill Bag Stand

    Prevent burns and spills with the Cook Chill Bag Stand. This ring stand is designed specifically for cook chill bags. Place a bag on the stand and pour in desired liquid and food items. The Cook Chill Bag Stand is adjustable in order to accommodate...

  • Flavorseal™® Handle Cook-Chill Bags

    Flavorseal™® Handle Cook-Chill Bags

    Flavorseal™ Handled Cook Chill Bags provide a fast and easy way to cool or heat gallons of food. They are designed to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures. The sealed handle on the closed end of the bag makes it easier and safer for anyone in the...

  • Heat Sealer

    Heat Sealer

    Use to seal Cook-Chill Bags to store leftover food. Creates an air-tight, secure seal.Great For: sous vide cooking, monitoring food portions, and storing soups and sauces.  

  • PipingPal® Pastry Bags

    PipingPal® Pastry Bags

    Reusable pastry bags are difficult to keep clean and prone to neglect, leading to increased health risks and unnecessary labor costs. Piping Pal (formerly Hand-E-Grip) pastry bags offer the confidence and control of reusable bags, while eliminating the...

  • PipingPal® Plus Pastry Bags

    PipingPal® Plus Pastry Bags

    Featuring four times the anti-slip grip of traditional disposable pastry bags, PipingPal Plus pastry bags give you all of the benefits of the PipingPal bags—PLUS near-perfect grip, reducing hand fatigue. PipingPal Plus bags are strong...

  • Portion Bag Dispensers

    Portion Bag Dispensers

    Portion Bag Dispensers allow for easy storage and use of portion bags. These dispensers are tall enough that portion bags hanging from them do not come in contact with the countertop or workspace. With saddle pack dispensing, the dispenser stands...

  • Volumetric Printed Cook-Chill Bags

    Volumetric Printed Cook-Chill Bags

    Monitor portions of soups and sauces with Printed Cook Chill Bags. Great for sous vide cooking, Printed Cook Chill Bags can withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures, enabling foods to be stored and cooked in the same bag. The bags feature printed...

  • Zip Guard Bags

    Zip Guard Bags

    Package and store portioned foods with Zip Guard Bags. These resealable plastic bags keep food fresh and prevent bacterial growth. Preparing and portioning foods reduces food waste, saving on annual operating costs. Zip Guard Bags are available in...