Hygiene Apparel

Maintain a safe facility with Hygiene Apparel. This collection of personal kitchen apparel is designed to assist restaurant operators in monitoring and encouraging personal hygiene in the foodservice industry. Hair & beard nets and aprons & sleeves prevent cross contamination during food preparation.

  • Spun-Bonded Beard Nets

    Spun-Bonded Beard Nets

    Protecting food from facial hair is just as important as wearing a hair net or cap on the head while working with food. This Spun-Bonded Beard Net is made of a spun-bonded poly material with a soft fabric-like texture. Beard net covers the beard area and...

  • Nylon Hair Nets

    Nylon Hair Nets

    Hair Nets are an essential item of kitchen apparel intended to prevent accidental food contamination. Nylon Hair Nets have a 1/8" honeycomb pattern and are packaged with 100 hairnets per box. With a stretching band that fits snugly around the head, Nylon...

  • Non-Woven Caps

    Non-Woven Caps

    Hair protective items are a very important aspect of kitchen apparel. This Non-Woven Cap is a spun-bonded poly material that feels like a soft fabric. Comfortable and functional, the Non-Woven Cap is an unobtrusive method of protecting food from hair...

  • Disposable Poly Sleeves

    Disposable Poly Sleeves

    Disposable Poly Sleeves should be used in conjunction with gloves during food preparation. Sleeves protect the wrists, arms, and clothing. When a task is completed or sleeves become soiled, Disposable Poly Sleeves can be pulled off and disposed of,...

  • Disposable Aprons

    Disposable Aprons

    Aprons are an important component of facility safety. Disposable aprons help prevent cross contamination when preparing food and using cleaning chemicals. Disposable aprons can be thrown away upon completion of a task or when they become soiled, leaving...