COVID-19 Response

Stronger Together: Solutions for Healthy Employees and Facilities
As food service establishments continue to reopen their facilities, DayMark is proud to serve our partners with a variety of products that help ensure the safety of guests and team members alike. Initiatives such as health assessments, social distancing, and safe food delivery are required and crucial to a healthy facility.
  • CRG 5.2 Antimicrobial Cut Resistant Glove

    CRG 5.2 Antimicrobial Cut Resistant Glove

    Providing proper cut protection in the kitchen is an essential part of running a food service establishment. The DayMark CRG 5.2 offers a balance of quality and affordability, with a rugged 13-gauge seamless construction, high-performance synthetic...

  • Hand Hero Hand Sanitizer Gel Packs

    Hand Hero Hand Sanitizer Gel Packs

    Hand Hero Hand Sanitizer Gel Packs give staff and guests the ability to maintain cleanliness without using a common, centralized dispenser. These 2.25ml gel packets are ideal for personal use, and may be served as guests are seated, before and after...

  • Medical Infrared Thermometer

    Medical Infrared Thermometer

    This medical grade device can be used as part of your required COVID Health Assessment Program for employees and customers. Keep your employees safe, maintain business continuity and build consumer confidence with proper...

  • SafetyApplied® Antimicrobial Glove

    SafetyApplied® Antimicrobial Glove

    SafetyApplied Antimicrobial Gloves by DayMark® allow your store to allocate supply of disposable gloves to essential, back-of-house employees and tasks as needed, while also providing customer-facing employees the ability to help...

  • Social Distancing Floor Decal

    Social Distancing Floor Decal

    NOW AVAILABLE! The Social Distancing Decal reminds customers and staff to keep a safe distance between themselves and others in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Adheres to various hard floor surfaces while offering easy removability and...

  • Task Management and Receiving Module

    Task Management and Receiving Module

    DayMark’s kitchen automation apps, available exclusively via the MenuCommand® Kitchen Automation Platform, are designed to increase efficiencies in food service environments. The Task Management application allows food service...

  • ToughMark™ Sanitized Surface Label

    ToughMark™ Sanitized Surface Label

    Demonstrate cleanliness by identifying surfaces that have been sanitized or disinfected according to safe reopening guidelines. Featuring the ToughMark adhesive, this combination of facestock and adhesive resists moisture while...