DayMark® Temp Monitoring and Food Check Solution

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DayMark’s customizable temperature monitoring solution, powered by JRI, features robust hardware and user-friendly software designed for diverse food service environments. The system is a reliable, HACCP-compliant solution that is easy to use, accurate, and saves food service operators time and money by eliminating the need for manual fridge and freezer temperature monitoring, food check monitoring, hand-recorded logs, and paper audits.

The DayMark temp monitoring solution delivers food safety management, asset monitoring and compliance through an intuitive and comprehensive web application. Its customizable modules offer extreme flexibility for the user, delivering efficiencies in a single site environment, an international enterprise and all stops in between. DayMark’s temperature monitoring sensors, hot and cold food temperature probes, as well as user-friendly online dashboard and kitchen application offer 24/7 peace-of-mind and totally paper-free recording and logging of all required food safety data.

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