Label Dispensers

Durable plastic and metal label dispensers easily feed up to seven individual label rolls while keeping each roll neatly wound. Individual labels separate from the liner when dispensed for faster application. Dispensers stand alone for convenient use right at the work station. The wall mounting option keeps rolls handy without cluttering the workspace.

  • LabelSafe™ Label Dispenser

    LabelSafe™ Label Dispenser

    Keeping track of label rolls can be challenging and frustrating. The DayMark LabelSafe storage system is an affordable, durable solution for keeping and organizing a single roll or up to seven rolls of labels—ideal for day of the week and other...

  • DayView™ Dispensers

    DayView™ Dispensers

    Protect your labels from kitchen spills by using DayMark's DayView™ Dispensers. Each container is made with heavy PET and keeps labels tightly wound and organized. DayView dispensers are available in a range of adhesives and label sizes to be used...

  • Food Rotation Dot Labels in Dispensing Box

    Food Rotation Dot Labels in Dispensing Box

    The 'Dot Box' dispensing system combines labels and a dispenser in one. Each box, excluding the replacement box, includes one roll of labels for each day of the week. The Dot Box is cost effective and a great introduction to food rotation labeling. Kits...

  • Plastic Label Dispensers

    Plastic Label Dispensers

    Durable Plastic Label Dispensers are a great way to organize and dispense up to seven different rolls of labels. When labels are fed through the dispenser, the individual label is separated from its backing, allowing for easy application. Plastic Label...

  • Metal Label Dispensers

    Metal Label Dispensers

    Metal Label Dispensers are a durable tool for organizing and dispensing labels. With up to seven slots for label rolls, Metal Label Dispensers can hold a variety of labels or a day of the week label for each day. Label backing is removed from the...

  • Acrylic Label Dispensers

    Acrylic Label Dispensers

    Keep food labels organized and ready for use with Label Dispensers. A label dispenser can be placed on a countertop or workspace for quick access. The 1-slot acrylic label dispenser can dispense labels up to 3” in size. Great For: organizing...