Temp Accessories

Temperature safety accessories are designed to promote and simplify maintaining safe kitchen temperature procedures. Monitor proper temperatures with convenient pocket thermometers and keep kitchen thermometer probes sterilized with Thermometer Probe Wipes. One Hour Timers can be used to keep track of elapsed time and monitor food and beverage freshness.

  • Thermometer Probe Wipes

    Thermometer Probe Wipes

    Probe Wipes are designed to prevent cross contamination and bacterial spread sanitizing thermometer probes after each use. Simply wipe a thermometer probe with a probe wipe and store thermometer in a safe case until its next use. Probe Wipes have 70%...

  • HACCP Pocket Thermometer

    HACCP Pocket Thermometer

    Proper thermometer use assists in adhering to HACCP procedures for safe food handling. This convenient HACCP Pocket Thermometer monitors safe food temperatures with a stainless steel probe and temperature gauge ranging from 0° F to 220° F...