Pan Liners

Safe2Go Pan Liners offer time-saving solutions for food preparation that significantly reduce the annual cost of labor. Ovenable Pan Liners can be frozen, cooked, boiled, and microwaved, withstanding temperatures up to 400 F. Food can also be stored and boiled in Steam Pan Liners, allowing for safe and simple reheating up to 220 F. Pan Liners save valuable time by eliminating the process of scraping and soaking pans and are a HACCP compliant storage and cooking method.

  • Steam Pan Liners

    Steam Pan Liners

    Reduce valuable time spent scraping pans with Steam Pan Liners. These pan liners can be used to line steam pans for food preparation. When finished, tie pan liners off with a twist tie for easy storage. When you are ready to reheat, simply boil the food...

  • Ovenable Pan Liners

    Ovenable Pan Liners

    Ovenable Pan Liners can help you comply with HACCP guidelines and keep food hydrated to retain flavor and appearance. These ovenable liners are great for cooking food. There is no scorching and leftovers can be stored, chilled, and reheated in the same...