TamperSeal™ Tamper-Evident Labels

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Many types of food service outlets embrace delivery as a means of enhancing guest experience. With this in mind, DayMark Safety Systems offers the TamperSeal labeling system: a line of tamper-evident labels for use in the food delivery service industry. TamperSeal labels adhere to most any packaging material safely and securely. Each label has security slits that cause the label to lose their integrity if someone attempts to open the container. If the seal is broken upon delivery, it is a clear indication that the food may have been tampered with.

Using the labels in conjunction with the MenuPilot™ app allows for date code information, safe food handling tips, a company logo and other types of customized information to be printed on the label.

  • Ensures food is appropriately labeled and handled during delivery
  • Aggressive adhesive keeps label attached to package
  • Security slits prove food hasn’t been tampered with
  • FDA-compliant for indirect food contact
  • Direct thermal labels designed for use with MenuPilot™ app and Matt85™ printer
  • Working temperature: -65° F to 220° F / -54° C to 104° C
  • Minimum application temperature: 35° F / 1° C

*DayMark's TamperSeal™️ and custom tamper-evident labels are 21CFR certified for indirect food contact. These labels are solely intended to help ensure your food is safe from unwanted consumption by others.

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