Pastry Bags

Delivering the confidence and control of reusable bags (without the messy cleanup) and durability for thick, textured fillings, PipingPal and PipingPal Plus (formerly Hand-E-Grip and Grip2Go, respectively) bags continue to be a preferred alternative to reusable bags. With the strength and grip of canvas bags, PipingPal and PipingPal Plus can cut food preparation costs by reducing the labor time involved in sanitizing pastry bags to HACCP standards.

  • PipingPal® Pastry Bags

    PipingPal® Pastry Bags

    Reusable pastry bags are difficult to keep clean and prone to neglect, leading to increased health risks and unnecessary labor costs. Piping Pal (formerly Hand-E-Grip) pastry bags offer the confidence and control of reusable bags, while eliminating the...

  • PipingPal® Plus Pastry Bags

    PipingPal® Plus Pastry Bags

    Featuring four times the anti-slip grip of traditional disposable pastry bags, PipingPal Plus pastry bags give you all of the benefits of the PipingPal bags—PLUS near-perfect grip, reducing hand fatigue. PipingPal Plus bags are strong...