New Tools Ease the Burden of Dealing with COVID-19 Challenges

Posted on 1st Jul 2020

With the spread of COVID-19, foodservice operators have had to rethink many of their practices to ensure the safety of their employees and their customers. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), operators of food establishments in the health care and schools/universities sectors should develop a COVID-19 health and safety plan to protect both employees and the public. Building con … read more
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Dispose of the Disposable: Reusable Gloves Have Service Operations Covered

Posted on 26th Jun 2020

It's no secret that disposable gloves play a critical role in food service.According to the 2013 Food Code, contact with ready-to-eat food should not be made with bare hands (except when washing fruits and vegetables). In many cases, this requires single-use gloves to be worn during food prep. As anyone in the food service industry will tell you, though, disposable gloves go quickly. Best pra … read more
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New Solutions Helping Restaurants Reopen Safely

Posted on 8th Jun 2020

As states across the country begin to relax stay-at-home orders, there are considerable variations and no one best approach to reopening restaurants. Because local and state governments have different guidelines for opening during the COVID-19 pandemic, and given consumer and employee fear of contracting the coronavirus, operators must find unique ways to keep themselves and their guests safe.To h … read more
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New Technology Eases the Stress of Monitoring Food and Refrigeration Temperatures

Posted on 1st Jun 2020

Keeping up with the changing habits and preferences of consumers is an ongoing challenge for grocery stores and supermarkets. No longer do consumers head to the store with a grocery list that guides what they put in their carts – and no longer are they solely focused on purchasing traditional groceries.As a result, most retail food locations are tailoring their products to meet consumer demand and … read more
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C-stores Benefit from Automated Temperature Monitoring

Posted on 6th May 2020

Although shoppers are busier than ever and continue to value convenience, they also want— and expect—convenience foods that put a greater emphasis on fresh, healthy ingredients.To help ensure that these consumer expectations are met, c-store operators are now tailoring their products to meet consumer demand and growing competition. Prepared foods for takeout and ready-to-eat foods that are cooked … read more
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The Answers to All of Your Tamper-Evident Delivery Labelling Questions

Posted on 5th May 2020

With the surge in demand for third-party delivery due to the COVID-19 crisis, tamper-evident labels have taken on a more prominent role in the restaurant industry as the safety of delivered food is more important than ever.Most restaurant operators and consumers alike are familiar with tamper-evident labels and seals. Everyday items such as over-the-counter drugs, food items, packaging materials, … read more
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Automated Temperature Monitoring Offers a Smart Solution for Kitchens

Posted on 4th May 2020

From keeping up with customer demands to managing staff and preparing menus, a lot goes into operating a kitchen safely and efficiently. Noncommercial foodservice providers with large or small kitchens face numerous day-to-day challenges, including maintaining a high standard for customer satisfaction and meeting food safety regulations.One critical area that especially gives cooks and foodservice … read more
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Delivering on Positive Customer Experiences

Posted on 1st Apr 2020

With consumers’ increased demands for expediency, the lines that originally distinguished c-stores from other types of retail have blurred. Grocery stores, restaurants, drug stores, department stores, and specialty shops are all delivering on the customer’s desire for convenience—with delivery.Selling pre-packaged sandwiches, salads, and beverages has long been a c-store staple, but with the surge … read more
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April 2020 COVID-19 Update From Our President Jeff Gayer

Posted on 1st Apr 2020

Are we remaining open?Yes, CMC Group, and all of its business units, is an Essential Business.Dr. Amy Acton and Governor DeWine announced on March 22 that effective at 11:59 PM March 23, 2020, the State Order to operate ONLY Essential Businesses as identified by the US DHS. This order is in effect through April 6, 2020 (update: now extended to May 1, 2020) and allows critically essential businesse … read more
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Ease Customer Anxiety with Tamper-Evident Labeling

Posted on 30th Mar 2020

COVID-19 is presenting new challenges to businesses throughout the country, and restaurants in particular have had to rethink their business model to try to remain viable. Some have closed temporarily, while others have focused on takeout and delivery.Many restaurants have used takeout and delivery services for some time, though others may find the switch more challenging. Regardless, if a busines … read more
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