Ice Management

To avoid cross-contamination, ice should be treated with the same level of precaution as food. Ice Management Systems protect from direct hand to ice contact and facilitate the proper storage and containment of ice. NSF listed Ice Totes are designated ice-only containers that are used to prevent cross-contamination and bacterial growth. Saf-T-Scoop Ice Scoops also prevent cross-contamination with a hand and knuckle guard that blocks contact between hands and ice. Coupled with the Guardian Ice System mounted to safely store ice scoops, ice contamination is easily prevented.

  • Ice Tote

    Ice Tote

    A common source of cross contamination is the failure to treat ice as a ready-to-eat food. Ice should be kept in a safe container and should never be touched with bare hands. Ice Totes are designed to be a container permanently designated for ice...