How Automation Improves Restaurant Operations

Posted on 13th Jun 2022

As labor challenges continue in the foodservice industry, many restaurant owners are turning to automation to help run their businesses. Utilizing available technology to help ease the stress of being understaffed is a strategy that is paying off, especially as more and more people are feeling comfortable traveling and dining out. According to January 2022 data from U.S. Bureau of Labor … read more
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Automation Eases Restaurant Staffing Shortages

Posted on 2nd Nov 2021

By investing in a more efficient and effective technology solution, restaurant owners are able to enhance operations and address their current staffing issues.Staffing challenges continue to cause headaches in the restaurant and food industry. With summer over, the problem has worsened as seasonal student employees have gone back to school. The recent surge in COVID-19, caused by the spread of the … read more
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Working Smarter with Foodservice Technology

Posted on 5th Oct 2021

From start to finish, food goes through many steps before it is served to customers. Depending on whether it is served hot or cold, there are even more steps during the preparation process. Along with the many day-to-day concerns competing for attention from foodservice operators, however, keeping food safe and avoiding costly health code violations rise to the top.Improper food temperature is con … read more
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Automation Improves Productivity Despite Labor Shortages

Posted on 1st Oct 2021

Ensuring that store needs are fully addressed is a daunting task.In addition to the everyday struggle of focusing on customer service, food availability, and food safety, the pandemic has brough about a labor shortage that is exacerbating the frequent employee turnover that has typically been an issue for c-stores. When you add the challenge of managing an hourly workforce, scheduling, recruiting, … read more
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Grocery Operators Find Reprieve from Labor Shortage Through Automation

Posted on 28th Sep 2021

Balancing store needs with those of employees is a daunting task. Managing work schedules while recruiting, hiring and training staff can add layers of frustration for operators—especially when the need to focus on food safety and customer satisfaction is essential.Investing in automation is one solution that can help streamline grocery perimeter operations, ensure employees are productive and eff … read more
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Food-Safety Technology Helps On-Site Operators with Labor Crunch

Posted on 23rd Sep 2021

Temperature-monitoring solution is ideally suited for noncommercial foodservice facilities.Labor shortages have been widespread across the foodservice industry, from traditional restaurants to on-site foodservice providers, including K-12 schools, colleges and universities, airports and sports venues.In fact, several colleges reported that their on-campus foodservice facilities would be remain par … read more
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Restaurants Get Smart About Temp Monitoring

Posted on 10th Sep 2021

Along with the many day-to-day concerns competing for attention from restaurant operators, keeping pace with new technology—and keeping food safe and avoiding costly health code violations—rise to the top.A major challenge for operators is efficiently and reliably monitoring food from refrigerator to table. For example, monitoring food temperatures can be tedious and sometimes ineffective as staff … read more
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Automation Prevents Difficulties Associated with Improper Handling of Prepared Foods

Posted on 24th Jun 2021

Retail foodservice operators now have available to them smarter strategies to maintain fresh and prepared food safety without increasing human contact, allowing them to use labor more effectively and ensuring that wasted product is kept to a minimum.Improved foodservice technology helps to safeguard the wellbeing of employees and the public. For many operators, the solution is to invest in automat … read more
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New Solutions Helping Restaurants Reopen Safely

Posted on 8th Jun 2020

As states across the country begin to relax stay-at-home orders, there are considerable variations and no one best approach to reopening restaurants. Because local and state governments have different guidelines for opening during the COVID-19 pandemic, and given consumer and employee fear of contracting the coronavirus, operators must find unique ways to keep themselves and their guests safe.To h … read more
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New Technology Eases the Stress of Monitoring Food and Refrigeration Temperatures

Posted on 1st Jun 2020

Keeping up with the changing habits and preferences of consumers is an ongoing challenge for grocery stores and supermarkets. No longer do consumers head to the store with a grocery list that guides what they put in their carts – and no longer are they solely focused on purchasing traditional groceries.As a result, most retail food locations are tailoring their products to meet consumer demand and … read more
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