Grocery Operators Find Reprieve from Labor Shortage Through Automation

Posted on 28th Sep 2021

Balancing store needs with those of employees is a daunting task. Managing work schedules while recruiting, hiring and training staff can add layers of frustration for operators—especially when the need to focus on food safety and customer satisfaction is essential.Investing in automation is one solution that can help streamline grocery perimeter operations, ensure employees are productive and eff … read more
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Stores Finding Labor Relief Through Automation

Posted on 23rd Sep 2021

The labor shortage has perhaps been more frustrating to supermarket and grocery store operators than the pandemic restrictions these past months.Struggling with a shortage of workers and high employee turnover is not new to retail food operators. More broadly, the labor shortage has become widespread across numerous industries.So how do retail food operators focus on streamlining worker tasks, whi … read more
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Food-Safety Technology Helps On-Site Operators with Labor Crunch

Posted on 23rd Sep 2021

Temperature-monitoring solution is ideally suited for noncommercial foodservice facilities.Labor shortages have been widespread across the foodservice industry, from traditional restaurants to on-site foodservice providers, including K-12 schools, colleges and universities, airports and sports venues.In fact, several colleges reported that their on-campus foodservice facilities would be remain par … read more
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Restaurants Get Smart About Temp Monitoring

Posted on 10th Sep 2021

Along with the many day-to-day concerns competing for attention from restaurant operators, keeping pace with new technology—and keeping food safe and avoiding costly health code violations—rise to the top.A major challenge for operators is efficiently and reliably monitoring food from refrigerator to table. For example, monitoring food temperatures can be tedious and sometimes ineffective as staff … read more
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Convenience Stores Streamline Operations Through Automation

Posted on 16th Aug 2021

Struggling with a shortage of workers and high employee turnover is nothing new to c-store operators, who have been dealing with labor shortages for years. Since the pandemic, however, the U.S. labor shortage for the c-store sector could be the worst ever.This shortage of workers makes it is even harder for operators to focus on streamlining worker tasks, while still ensuring food availability and … read more
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Kitchen Automation Providing Cost and Labor Savings

Posted on 2nd Jun 2021

The last thing any foodservice operator wants is to be highlighted in the news due to customer illness—especially during a pandemic.Despite assurance by the Center for Disease Control that there is no evidence that the spread of COVID-19 is associated with handling food or from food packaging, people still worry. That said, previously established food safety practices, paired with added COVID-19 … read more
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Experts Predict Post-Pandemic Return to Self-Service

Posted on 26th May 2021

Remember salad bars?For many consumers, wandering through the grocery store, helping themselves at self-serve food bars, and tasting samples of food products may seem like ‘the good old days.’ With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, most supermarkets closed their self-serve stations or significantly restricted their use due to safety concerns for both customers and workers.In fact, many states pu … read more
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Automated Temperature Monitoring Helps Curb Food Waste

Posted on 5th Apr 2021

Food waste has become a significant problem in the U.S.An enormous amount of food is being thrown away every day, and it doesn’t just affect the bottom line: food that is not eaten ends up in landfills, where it rots and produces greenhouse gasses. The food service industry has long focused on preventing wasteful product losses—losses that cost them billions of dollars each year. In particular, gr … read more
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Hands Off: Freed Up Staff a Hidden Benefit of Automated Temp Monitoring

Posted on 1st Apr 2021

Finding, hiring, and retaining employees who are willing to work flexible hours day or night as well as weekends is an ongoing struggle.As operators face added pressures to ensure staff productivity, work quality, and efficient scheduling, it is more important than ever to properly manage existing staff to save time in replacing and training new employees. Personnel issues can lead operators to fo … read more
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Automated Temp Monitoring Goes Long

Posted on 25th Mar 2021

Since the onset of COVID-19, ensuring the safety of both customers and employees has become the top priority for retail foodservice operators.While new protocols for protecting staff and customers, maintaining products that meet customers’ changing buying habits and keeping pace with new technology all compete for attention, one issue remains a priority just as it did pre-pandemic: temperature mon … read more
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