Automate for a Better, Safer Kitchen

Posted on 2nd Mar 2018

DayMark introduces cloud-based, app-driven food prep and Grab & Go labeling platform

DayMark Safety Systems’ new kitchen automation system is designed to transform the way restaurants, quick-service retailers and non-commercial kitchens safely prepare the food they serve consumers.

Key to the platform is DayMark’s new Gateway, a proprietary digital distribution platform (commonly referred to as an “app store”) for the foodservice industry.

This cloud-based system hosts multiple foodservice-related applications designed to help professionals in the food industry ensure the food they serve is safe, healthy, and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

“These apps help operators run their businesses more efficiently and safely,” says Jeff Gayer, Executive VP of Product Development for DayMark.

Key components include a corporate dashboard, intuitive kitchen interface and companion hardware, adds Gayer, including:

MenuCommand™, a user-friendly dashboard designed for use at the corporate level on any PC or Mac. MenuCommand delivers a centralized management and communication tool for menu data, training materials, and other critical information.

The associated MenuPilot™ app allows information from MenuCommand to be shared with one or hundreds of foodservice operators around the globe using an Android tablet.

Nutritics Insight is a companion app that allows users to build and manage their ingredients and recipes in a single system across their entire organization.

Matt85™ is a hardware bundle that includes an Android tablet and a Bluetooth-enabled label printer available exclusively through DayMark. Using the MenuPilot app, data is wirelessly delivered from the tablet to the printer for printing food prep and Grab & Go labels.

What does this mean for foodservice operators?

Gayer explains that DayMark’s totally secure, server-independent solution eliminates concerns presented from traditional methods for properly labeling food as it moves from the back-of-house to front-of-house:

  • Enhanced communication. Shelf life, nutritional facts, allergens, and prep data are all stored in the cloud, accessible anytime, anywhere. This facilitates staff training, strengthens food rotation management and compliance, ensures all locations are following the same procedures, and allows for quick and easy food labeling.
  • Real-time updates. Menu changes or new regulations can be communicated to all locations at the same time, ensuring compliance across the operation.
  • Simplified, company-wide learning. Training videos and recipe cards can be created and shared at all locations, providing employees with consistent, thorough training, reducing the threat of an improperly trained kitchen staff that, in turn, poses a food safety risk.
  • Safety and security. The entire cloud-based system keeps data secure—and because updates are handled automatically over the Internet, no USB drives or downloads from FTP sites are necessary.

“But one of the biggest benefits of DayMark’s new kitchen automation system is the greater transparency it offers customers,” adds Gayer.

With all these tools in one place,  DayMark’s Gateway system is poised to revolutionize kitchen automation.

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