Burn Protection

Burns are one of the most commonly occurring injuries in the food service industry but they can be easily avoided with proper precautions. Burn protection products are designed specifically to protect food service workers from burns in a variety of kitchen tasks. From a wide range of oven mitts and insulated kitchen gloves to QuicKlean™ protective apparel, DayMark Safety Systems is the complete source for all of your burn protection needs.
  • SteamGlove™ Burn Protection Glove

    SteamGlove™ Burn Protection Glove

    SteamGlove hand protection, made with SteamGuard™ barrier material, is able to withstand hot oil and temperatures up to 225°F without melting. This watertight, knit-lined glove offers excellent protection from chemicals, steam, hot water and...

  • Poly Cotton Puppet Oven Mitt

    Poly Cotton Puppet Oven Mitt

    Poly Cotton Puppet Oven Mitts protect against burns during everyday kitchen tasks. This Tucker BurnGuard® oven mitt has a VaporGuard™ barrier for added protection from harmful steam and vapors. These heat-resistant gloves protect in temperatures up...

  • Nomex Puppet Oven Mitt

    Nomex Puppet Oven Mitt

    Prevent harmful burn injuries with Nomex Puppet Oven Mitts. These Tucker BurnGuard® oven mitts are made of heat-resistant Nomex material that protects against burns in temperatures up to 450° F. Nomex Puppet Oven Mitts also feature a VaporGuard™...

  • Kevlar Plus Puppet Oven Mitt

    Kevlar Plus Puppet Oven Mitt

    Protect against burns in extreme heats with the Kevlar Plus Puppet Oven Mitt. With a Nomex shell and Kevlar palm, these oven mitts offer burn protection from heats ranging from 600° F to 900° F. This Tucker BurnGuard® oven mitt also features...

  • QuicKlean™ Conventional Mitt

    QuicKlean™ Conventional Mitt

    The QuicKlean Conventional Mitt features a protective VaporGuard™ barrier that blocks liquid, grease, and vapor penetration and inhibits the growth of bacteria. When the QuicKlean Mitt becomes dirty, simply rinse and wipe it clean...

  • QuicKlean™ Apron

    QuicKlean™ Apron

    QuicKlean Aprons have a unique VaporGuard™ barrier that inhibits bacterial growth and makes them easy to clean. The VaporGuard barrier keeps food and other items from sticking to QuicKlean Aprons. When QuicKlean Aprons become dirty, simply...