QuicKlean™ Burn Protection

QuicKlean Burn Protection items are made of a unique material that is non-permeable and can easily be sprayed or wiped clean. A VaporGuard™ barrier on QuicKlean clothing inhibits the growth of bacteria. QuicKlean apparel prevents liquid, grease, and food build-up, improving appearance and comfort while reducing risks of cross contamination.

  • QuicKlean™ Apron

    QuicKlean™ Apron

    QuicKlean Aprons have a unique VaporGuard™ barrier that inhibits bacterial growth and makes them easy to clean. The VaporGuard barrier keeps food and other items from sticking to QuicKlean Aprons. When QuicKlean Aprons become dirty, simply...

  • QuicKlean™ Conventional Mitt

    QuicKlean™ Conventional Mitt

    The QuicKlean Conventional Mitt features a protective VaporGuard™ barrier that blocks liquid, grease, and vapor penetration and inhibits the growth of bacteria. When the QuicKlean Mitt becomes dirty, simply rinse and wipe it clean...

  • QuicKlean™ Oil Filtration Kit

    QuicKlean™ Oil Filtration Kit

    The QuicKlean™ Oil Filtration Kit provides excellent coverage and protection for hot spills and splatters. QuicKlean products have a VaporGuard™ protective barrier that blocks liquid and vapor and inhibits the growth of bacteria. When...

  • QuicKlean™ Shin Guard

    QuicKlean™ Shin Guard

    QuicKlean Shin Guards have a VaporGuard™ barrier that protects against liquid and spill penetration and inhibits bacterial growth. This unique material can be quickly rinsed and wiped clean. QuicKlean apparel is lightweight and comfortable and...

  • QuicKlean™ Sleeve with Handguard

    QuicKlean™ Sleeve with Handguard

    The QuicKlean Sleeve with Hand Guard protects the hand, wrist, and forearm from harmful splatters and vapor burns. QuicKlean apparel items have an NSF certified VaporGuard™ liquid and vapor barrier that blocks liquid penetration and inhibits...