SteamGlove™ Burn Protection Glove

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SteamGlove hand protection, made with SteamGuard™ barrier material, is able to withstand hot oil and temperatures up to 225°F without melting. This watertight, knit-lined glove offers excellent protection from chemicals, steam, hot water and liquids that can pose the risk of severe burns.

The SteamGlove has a textured finish that delivers a reliable grip in even the most oily and wet applications, and offers dexterity and flexibility not found in any other glove available. With its interlock liner, the SteamGlove also offers an added degree of comfort and protection. The glove is made from materials that are in compliance with FDA's 21 CFR, parts 170 to 199, making it ideal for food handling and preparation.

Great For: dishwashing, changing steam pans, and other hot and wet kitchen tasks.

Materials: watertight knit-lined SteamGuard® barrier material; rough texture for additional grip. Steam Gloves offer burn protection up to 225° F.

Cut Resistance: ISEA level 1. Puncture Resistance: ISEA level 2.

Abrasion Resistance: ISEA level 5.

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