Nutritics Insight Menu Management and Nutrition Analysis

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DayMark has partnered with Nutritics, a champion of software design and usability for the food service industry, to deliver an advanced, cloud-based program that leverages a robust database of ingredients to quickly and easily build and manage recipes and menu data within a unified system across a multi-unit organization. The Nutritics Insight solution, available from DayMark, offers the following:

Centralized, Comprehensive Analysis Platform: All your recipe analysis needs in one place. Analyze more than 60 individual nutrients including calories, sugar, salt, vitamins and glycemic index.

Massive Database: More than 125,000 data points and growing! Our expert dietetic team continually adds user-requested foods and supplements to our proprietary, nutrition analysis program.

Improved Efficiency Through Automated Processes: Nutritics performs analysis in seconds and remembers your information to make it even easier to assess dishes and recipes.

Front of House Digital Menu: Provide customers with a searchable digital menu of recipes, enabling them to make purchasing decisions based on allergens, calorie content and price.

Nutritics Insight also provides automatic updates, encrypted servers that ensure your data remains safe and secure, and access to 24/7 technical support and online training. 

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