Automated Temp Monitoring is Good Business

Posted on 18th Nov 2021

Operators are reaping the benefits of investing in automated temperature monitoring solutions—including more efficient processes and greater food safety.American households spend hundreds of dollars each month purchasing fresh, frozen, and prepared foods from grocery stores, supermarkets, and other specialty food stores. From start to finish, food goes through many steps before it is sold to custo … read more
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Grocery Operators Find Reprieve from Labor Shortage Through Automation

Posted on 28th Sep 2021

Balancing store needs with those of employees is a daunting task. Managing work schedules while recruiting, hiring and training staff can add layers of frustration for operators—especially when the need to focus on food safety and customer satisfaction is essential.Investing in automation is one solution that can help streamline grocery perimeter operations, ensure employees are productive and eff … read more
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Stores Finding Labor Relief Through Automation

Posted on 23rd Sep 2021

The labor shortage has perhaps been more frustrating to supermarket and grocery store operators than the pandemic restrictions these past months.Struggling with a shortage of workers and high employee turnover is not new to retail food operators. More broadly, the labor shortage has become widespread across numerous industries.So how do retail food operators focus on streamlining worker tasks, whi … read more
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Demand for Prepared Foods Drives Packaging Innovation

Posted on 12th Aug 2021

As supermarkets expand grab-and-go and delivery offerings, they seek to protect patrons’ health and safety.Prepared foods have been one of the fastest-growing areas in the supermarket channel since well before the COVID-19 pandemic, and food retailers continue to see these offerings as important drivers of sales and profits.As consumers’ shopping patterns shifted last year to include fewer trips t … read more
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Automation Prevents Difficulties Associated with Improper Handling of Prepared Foods

Posted on 24th Jun 2021

Retail foodservice operators now have available to them smarter strategies to maintain fresh and prepared food safety without increasing human contact, allowing them to use labor more effectively and ensuring that wasted product is kept to a minimum.Improved foodservice technology helps to safeguard the wellbeing of employees and the public. For many operators, the solution is to invest in automat … read more
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Temperature monitoring technology meets complex demands

Posted on 6th Apr 2021

Food-safety challenges have increased, but new solutions are emerging as well.With the third World Food Safety Day approaching June 7, following a year in which the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the entire global food chain, now may be a good time for supermarket operators to take a comprehensive look at the state of their food-safety operations.Foodborne disease causes an estimated 600 million illn … read more
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Adjusting to the Changing Supermarket Industry

Posted on 24th May 2018

In 2017, when it was announced that had purchased Whole Foods, many believed it would revolutionize the grocery store industry, ultimately benefiting the consumer. While few experts are willing to question the business savvy of Jeff Bezos, CEO of and now the wealthiest person in the world, some are saying the move may not pay off as well as expected. Why? … read more
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