How Automation Improves Restaurant Operations

Posted on 13th Jun 2022

As labor challenges continue in the foodservice industry, many restaurant owners are turning to automation to help run their businesses. Utilizing available technology to help ease the stress of being understaffed is a strategy that is paying off, especially as more and more people are feeling comfortable traveling and dining out. According to January 2022 data from U.S. Bureau of Labor … read more
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Automation Eases Restaurant Staffing Shortages

Posted on 2nd Nov 2021

By investing in a more efficient and effective technology solution, restaurant owners are able to enhance operations and address their current staffing issues.Staffing challenges continue to cause headaches in the restaurant and food industry. With summer over, the problem has worsened as seasonal student employees have gone back to school. The recent surge in COVID-19, caused by the spread of the … read more
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Restaurants Get Smart About Temp Monitoring

Posted on 10th Sep 2021

Along with the many day-to-day concerns competing for attention from restaurant operators, keeping pace with new technology—and keeping food safe and avoiding costly health code violations—rise to the top.A major challenge for operators is efficiently and reliably monitoring food from refrigerator to table. For example, monitoring food temperatures can be tedious and sometimes ineffective as staff … read more
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Shift to Off-Premise Dining Creates New Opportunities—with Same Need for Safety

Posted on 8th Jun 2021

As the recovery from COVID-19 accelerates, many people remain cautious and may be slow to return to normal dining-out routines. Throughout the pandemic, many found it easier—and perceived it to be safer—to search for a meal online and have it delivered whenever and wherever they wanted, driving some restaurants so far as to close their dining room and turn to takeout-only service.In addition, ghos … read more
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Technology Helping Restaurant Operators Survive The Pandemic—And Beyond

Posted on 7th Dec 2020

Did COVID-19 really transform the restaurant industry—or did it just hasten an evolution that was already inevitable?Many of the changes and trends operators are facing were already taking place within the industry before the pandemic, only they are now being adopted more quickly. Establishments have restructured their businesses to include app-based ordering, delivery and pickup options as conven … read more
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Safe Contact During Pandemic Can Have Lasting Effects

Posted on 30th Sep 2020

Building a strong customer experience has long been a driving force for earning customer loyalty—but with the coronavirus pandemic, maintaining a positive customer experience while having little or no physical contact with customers requires restaurant operators to rethink their approach to how they do business.To thrive both now and beyond the coronavirus pandemic, operators must figure out how t … read more
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Staying Safe, Staying Open: Putting a Safety Plan Into Action

Posted on 31st Jul 2020

A visit to a restaurant looks very different today than it did just eight months ago. The new normal, which varies by county and state, includes customers waiting in their cars to be seated, have their temperatures checked as they walk in, being served by wait staff in masks and gloves, ordering from disposable menus, sitting at socially distanced tables and using contactless payment and hand-sani … read more
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