How Automation Improves Restaurant Operations

Posted on 13th Jun 2022

As labor challenges continue in the foodservice industry, many restaurant owners are turning to automation to help run their businesses. Utilizing available technology to help ease the stress of being understaffed is a strategy that is paying off, especially as more and more people are feeling comfortable traveling and dining out. According to January 2022 data from U.S. Bureau of Labor … read more
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PRESS RELEASE: DayMark Safety Systems’ MenuPilot Available on iOS for iPads

Posted on 3rd Nov 2021

MenuPilot®, the flagship application of DayMark Safety Systems’ MenuCommand® kitchen automation platform, is now available on iOS for iPads. With the MenuPilot app, food service operators can now use their iPad to organize, monitor, and modify shelf life, nutritional facts, allergen information, and prep data virtually anytime and anywhere.“The really great news is that many food service opera … read more
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Automation Eases Restaurant Staffing Shortages

Posted on 2nd Nov 2021

By investing in a more efficient and effective technology solution, restaurant owners are able to enhance operations and address their current staffing issues.Staffing challenges continue to cause headaches in the restaurant and food industry. With summer over, the problem has worsened as seasonal student employees have gone back to school. The recent surge in COVID-19, caused by the spread of the … read more
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