Making First Aid Kits Fast and Easy to Access

Posted on 7th Dec 2018

Finding a first aid kit empty is not an uncommon experience. Administrators in all types of facilities should make it easy to locate first aid kits when an emergency arises. But all too often when they do, the supplies have gone missing and have not been restocked. The result is that time is wasted, which could be better served treating the injured worker. This circumstance can … read more
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First Aid Kits: What We Need to Know

Posted on 20th Oct 2017

Building managers as well as cleaning contractors are legally responsible for ensuring first aid supplies are available for their staff.* This is just one of many things managers and contractors may not be aware of regarding first aid kits, according to Duane Carey, a thirty-year cleaning industry veteran now heading DayMark Safety Systems’ entry into the professional cleaning i … read more
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DayMark Statement on Powdered Gloves

Posted on 1st Feb 2017

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration implemented a ban on powdered medical, surgical and examination gloves, as they pose an “unreasonable and substantial risk for illness or injury” in a medical setting. This ban went in to effect on January 19, 2017. DayMark offers several different types of vinyl gloves; however, none are affected by this ruling. The vinyl glove … read more
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