Employee Safety

Work-related injuries are a costly annual expense, but cut and burn accidents can be easily prevented by investing in employee safety solutions. While cut-resistant gloves prevent punctures and cuts, the importance of hand protection is not limited to cutting food: DayMark Safety Systems also offers protective gloves for dishwashing, picking up glass, and taking out trash. Oven mitts and steam gloves protect against burns and three finger Kevlar gloves allow for safe handling of extremely hot items. Education & training products assist in teaching employees about proper safety procedures.

  • HexArmor® Helix® 3033

    HexArmor® Helix® 3033

    Innovation intertwined with safety. That’s the DNA of the Helix® Food Safe Series. The Helix® 3033 features a specialized plaited knit with 13-gauge polyester fibers engineered to stay intact, thereby preventing any glove...

  • Pro-Guard® Black-Clear Safety Glasses

    Pro-Guard® Black-Clear Safety Glasses

    Safety glasses keep workers eyes safe and clear of dirt and debris, allowing them to perform necessary tasks. Pro-Guard Black-Clear Safety Glasses feature adjustable lock-in temples, clear anti-fog lenses that provide 99.9% UV protection, and a black...

  • Powertouch® Matrix Gloves

    Powertouch® Matrix Gloves

    Protective gloves guard your most important resource, your employees. DayMark's Powertouch® Matrix Gloves are a great asset to material handlers that feature a blue, 13-gauge, nylon knit shell with black textured gel foam nitrile palm...

  • Kitchen Safety Posters

    Kitchen Safety Posters

    Make sure your employees are aware of critical requirements and practices with Kitchen Safety Posters. Posters can be displayed in key work areas in order to continually reinforce important safety messages. Posters include headlines in both English and...

  • Cut Glove Display Sign

    Cut Glove Display Sign

    The Cut Glove Display Sign is a great way to keep kitchen cut gloves clean, organized and highly visible for employees.

  • Clear Vinyl Gloves

    Clear Vinyl Gloves

    *Click for statement regarding powdered gloves*Prevent cross contamination during food preparation and other kitchen tasks with Clear Vinyl Gloves. Great for kitchen applications that require manual dexterity, these disposable gloves are comfortable...

  • SteamGlove™ Burn Protection Glove

    SteamGlove™ Burn Protection Glove

    SteamGlove hand protection, made with SteamGuard™ barrier material, is able to withstand hot oil and temperatures up to 225°F without melting. This watertight, knit-lined glove offers excellent protection from chemicals, steam, hot water and...

  • Nomex Puppet Oven Mitt

    Nomex Puppet Oven Mitt

    Prevent harmful burn injuries with Nomex Puppet Oven Mitts. These Tucker BurnGuard® oven mitts are made of heat-resistant Nomex material that protects against burns in temperatures up to 450° F. Nomex Puppet Oven Mitts also feature a VaporGuard™...

  • HexArmor® NXT™ 10-302 Gloves

    HexArmor® NXT™ 10-302 Gloves

    With TruShield™ Performance protection and comfortable CoreTek™ materials, the HexArmor NXT 302 Cut Glove offers the perfect combination of dexterity and cut protection. The HexArmor NXT 302 features one of the highest levels of cut...

  • QuicKlean™ Conventional Mitt

    QuicKlean™ Conventional Mitt

    The QuicKlean Conventional Mitt features a protective VaporGuard™ barrier that blocks liquid, grease, and vapor penetration and inhibits the growth of bacteria. When the QuicKlean Mitt becomes dirty, simply rinse and wipe it clean...

  • QuicKlean™ Apron

    QuicKlean™ Apron

    QuicKlean Aprons have a unique VaporGuard™ barrier that inhibits bacterial growth and makes them easy to clean. The VaporGuard barrier keeps food and other items from sticking to QuicKlean Aprons. When QuicKlean Aprons become dirty, simply...