Dial Thermometers

Monitor kitchen temperatures with this collection of Dial Thermometers. Available in a variety of styles, Dial Thermometers provide temperature readings for many kitchen applications. Select oven thermometers, grill thermometers, food holding thermometers, or pocket thermometers.

  • Classic Oven Dial Thermometer

    Classic Oven Dial Thermometer

    The Classic Oven Dial Thermometer monitors proper cooking by offering an accurate reading of oven temperatures. With a deluxe two-way hanger and a stand for secure placement, Classic Oven Thermometers can either be placed on an oven surface or hooked...

  • Hot Holding Dial Thermometer

    Hot Holding Dial Thermometer

    Hot Holding Thermometers are designed to assist in safely monitoring the holding temperatures of hot foods. With a large easy-to-read dial and HACCP guidelines printed on the face, Hot Holding Thermometers simplify safe holding procedures. Hot Holding...

  • HACCP Pocket Thermometer

    HACCP Pocket Thermometer

    Proper thermometer use assists in adhering to HACCP procedures for safe food handling. This convenient HACCP Pocket Thermometer monitors safe food temperatures with a stainless steel probe and temperature gauge ranging from 0° F to 220° F...

  • Grill Guide Dial Thermometer

    Grill Guide Dial Thermometer

    The Grill Guide Thermometer is a stainless steel thermometer designed to monitor the temperature inside of a grill to ensure proper cooking and food safety. Grill Guide Thermometers have a magnetic back and attach directly to the wall or lid of a grill...

  • Cold Holding Dial Thermometer

    Cold Holding Dial Thermometer

    Cold Holding Thermometers assist in ensuring safe temperatures for the holding of cold foods. Stainless steel with a large easy-to-read dial, Cold Holding Thermometers read temperatures ranging from -20° F to 70° F (-34° C to 20° C) on a...