SafetyApplied® Standard First Aid Kit

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Perfect for a large percentage of establishments, the SafetyApplied® Standard First Aid Kit by DayMark is OSHA and ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2021 compliant, containing items appropriate for accidents that typically occur in the food service industry such as burns, cuts and abrasions. Wall-mountable for ease of access, the SafetyApplied Standard First Aid Kit by DayMark is the recommended size for operations of 35 or fewer people. With compartments that feature theft-deterring locking tabs and a built-in planogram, supplies stay in place and properly organized. Refills are conveniently re-ordered in six bundles, each of which contains multiple items to reduce the hassle of maintaining individual SKUs. (Each refill package contains one box of items listed unless otherwise noted.)

  • Refill Package 1: Blue Fabric Bandages (3 Boxes)
  • Refill Package 2: Burn Relief, Antibiotic Application, Antiseptic Towelettes (2 Boxes)
  • Refill Package 3: Fingertip Blue Fabric Bandages, Knuckle Blue Fabric Bandages, Finger Cots, First Aid/Burn Cream
  • Refill Package 4: Conforming Gauze Roll, Medical Exam Vinyl Gloves (2 Pair), Cloth First Aid Tape, Alcohol Cleansing Pads
  • Refill Package 5: Trauma Pad, Triangular Sling/Bandage, Sterile Gauze Pads (5 Packages)
  • Refill Package 6: Breathing Barrier, Burn Dressing, Cold Pack, Hand Sanitizer, Eye Wash, Eye Pads (2/Box), Tape
  • Refill Package 7: Blue Adhesive Bandages for Access Door (2 Boxes), Antiseptic Towelettes (2 Boxes)

Great For: providing first aid to up to 35 employees.

Standard First Aid Kit Contents: Access Door: 30 1” x 3” Blue Adhesive Bandages, 10 Antiseptic Towelettes. Inside: First Aid Guide (1); Pair of Scissors (1); 52" x 84" Emergency Blanket (1 Pkg.); 5" x 9" Trauma Pad (2 Pkg.); 3" x 3" Gauze Pads (5 Pkgs.); Blue Adhesive Bandages (3 Boxes); Burn Relief (1 Box); Antiseptic Towelettes (1 Box); Antibiotic Application (1 Box); Fingertip Blue Bandages (1 Box); Knuckle Blue Bandages (1 Box); Finger Cots (1 Box); Burn Treatment (1 Box); Roller Bandage (1 Box); Medical Exam Gloves (1 Box); Adhesive Tape, Silk (1 Box); Alcohol Cleansing Pads (1 Box); 42" x 42" x 59" Triangular Bandage (1 Box); Breathing Barrier (1 Box); Burn Dressing (1 Box); Cold Pack (1 Box); Hand Sanitizer (1 Box); Eye Wash, Eye Pads, Tape (1 Box)


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