Tamper-Evident Labelling Becoming a Staple of Third-Party Food Delivery

Posted on 13th May 2021

As food delivery continues to grow in popularity, it is important for foodservice operators to understand all aspects of the industry — including the risks involved.To avoid the expense of hiring additional workers or purchasing delivery vehicles, operators have become reliant on third-party delivery workers to transport meals to customers. Recent studies, however, have revealed that bad things so … read more
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States Beginning to Require Tamper-Evident Labels on Third-Party Food Delivery

Posted on 2nd Nov 2020

Third-party food delivery may have single-handedly saved the restaurant industry. Now, governments are beginning to ensure its safety. Had third-party delivery not blossomed when it did, the COVID-19 pandemic could have had catastrophic effects on restaurants across the United States and around the world. As it is, the industry took a serious hit stemming from a cautious public coupled … read more
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The Answers to All of Your Tamper-Evident Delivery Labelling Questions

Posted on 5th May 2020

With the surge in demand for third-party delivery due to the COVID-19 crisis, tamper-evident labels have taken on a more prominent role in the restaurant industry as the safety of delivered food is more important than ever.Most restaurant operators and consumers alike are familiar with tamper-evident labels and seals. Everyday items such as over-the-counter drugs, food items, packaging materials, … read more
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