Wet Floor Signs

Prevent accidental injuries by clearly marking slip and fall caution areas with wet floor signs. Brightly colored with bold text, these floor safety signs will attract attention and alert individuals that caution should be taken. All free-standing floor signs include a bilingual caution message. Safety poles are also available to close off an entire room for cleaning.

  • Safety Pole

    Safety Pole

    Closing off a room or area during cleaning is an excellent way to avoid slip and fall injuries. This highly visible Safety Pole fits in a doorway with a clear sign explaining that the room is closed for cleaning. Safety Pole fits in most doorways and...

  • Wet Floor Sign 2 Sided

    Wet Floor Sign 2 Sided

    To prevent injuries of employees and customers, spills should be cleaned up immediately and a clear visual warning should be given in order to advise people that the floors are wet. Bright yellow and very noticeable, Wet Floor Signs are an effective way...

  • Wet Floor Sign 3 Sided

    Wet Floor Sign 3 Sided

    Tall and brightly colored, this 40" Three-Sided Wet Floor Sign is a clear warning to passers by that the floor is wet. This Wet Floor Sign is a three-sided stand with a bilingual warning in English and Spanish written on each side. Sign also includes a...

  • Wet Floor Sign 4 Sided

    Wet Floor Sign 4 Sided

    Wet Floor Signs are intended to prevent slip and fall injuries by signaling that floors are wet and encouraging the use of caution. This 36” Wet Floor Sign is a four-sided stand with a wet floor warning written on every side. The sign is a visible bright...

  • Wet Floor Sign Pop Out Cone

    Wet Floor Sign Pop Out Cone

    Avoid unnecessary slips and falls with Wet Floor Sign Pop Out Cones. The Pop Out Cone is conveniently stored in a wall-mounted tube for easy access. Pull the sign out of the tube and unfold to use. When finished, collapse the cone and return it to the...