Date Coder Labels (DM4.5/DM5)

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Prep/Use By (DM4.5) Date Coders are capable of recording both the food preparation and food use by dates. DM4.5 labels are large enough to hold two lines of information, printed in both red and black ink by the Prep/Use By Marker. By serving dual functions in the restaurant environment, the Prep/Use By Marker simplifies food safety regulation and food rotation procedure. DM4.5 Date Coder Labels are available in two adhesives and a range of styles for varying restaurant labeling needs.

DM5 Date Coder Labels display three lines of information inputted by the 3 Line Marker (DM5) date coder. With three lines of space to record food prep and use by information, DM5 Date Coder Labels promote food safety and prevent illness and cross-contamination. Date coder labels are available in a variety of styles and adhesives to meet a range of restaurant needs. Since all DM5 labels except Made-Ready-Discard labels are also compatible with the DM4.5 Date Coder, DM4.5 labels are DM5 labels are combined to the same product page. Ask us about FSC®-certified labels!

Great For: food rotation, date coding, and organizing products in coolers.

CoolMark™ labels have a strong freezer adhesive; DissolveMark™ labels dissolve in water in less than 30 seconds; MoveMark™ labels have a detach tab and removable adhesive; DuraMark™ labels have an aggressive permanent adhesive.  All DM5 labels are compatible with the DM 4.5 Marker except DM5 Make-Ready-Discard labels.

 1,000 labels per roll/6 rolls per sleeve, EXCEPT DissolveMark Labels, which are packaged 500 labels per roll

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