Automation for a Better, Safer Kitchen


DayMark® Safety Systems’ proprietary, cloud-based and app-driven food labeling automation platform transforms how restaurants, retail foodservice, and non-commercial kitchens efficiently and safely prepare food for the public.

It starts with DayMark’s totally secure, server-independentdigital distribution platform—the GATEWAYto complete kitchen automation. DayMark’s own cloud access GATEWAY hosts a number of innovative applications that DayMark has developed to run your business better—and safer.

MenuPilot® in the kitchen offers you:

  • Complex Grab & Go Labeling MenuPilot provides the ability to print only the labels you need when you need them, reducing label inventory and saving money.
  • Feature-rich Platform with no Hidden Fees No subscription, maintenance or contract fees allow the MenuPilot system to offer continued savings over other units that have less features.
  • As Little as One Month ROI Redirect labor resources away from training (and toward guest experiences or other critical needs) with the availability of centralized and consistent training materials, including recipe cards and videos--which are updated through MenuCommand.