Sanitizer Testing

  • Chlorine Saf-Check™

    Chlorine Saf-Check™

    The Chlorine Saf-Check system is designed to keep chlorine test strips and a thermometer in one place for easier and more frequent sanitizer strength tests. The Chlorine Saf-Check includes a pocket clip and detachable carabiner so it can easily be...

  • Hydrion® pH Test Paper

    Hydrion® pH Test Paper

    This short-range Hydrion pH Paper provides excellent color separation in the acid range and offers clear bright single color matches at every .5 interval from pH 0.0-6.0. Great for use in food service in conjunction with produce wash. Each...

  • Test Strips

    Test Strips

    Ensure facility safety and health code compliance with sanitizer test strips. Test strips make it easy to measure the level of sanitizer in cleaning solutions. An easy-to-read color chart will show whether the cleaning solution meets the proper...