A Closer Look at Food Allergies

Posted on 15th Nov 2018

Most food allergies develop in children around six years of age, according to Dr. Clifford W. Bassett, a New York City doctor who specializes in the evaluation and management of allergic disorders affecting children and adults. As many as 7 percent of American children have some allergy to food or ingredients in food. However, most outgrow these food allergies. Only about 2 perc … read more
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What Happened to the Food Labels?

Posted on 15th Aug 2017

Something mysterious has been happening at the University of Montana (UM) in Missoula. Nutrition facts labels, also known as food labels, have been slowly disappearing in the school cafeteria. While no one at the university said anything about it, the disappearing food labels finally caught the attention of reporters at the school newspaper, which ran a story on it in late April 2017 … read more
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