Automated Temperature Monitoring Helps Curb Food Waste

Posted on 5th Apr 2021

Food waste has become a significant problem in the U.S.An enormous amount of food is being thrown away every day, and it doesn’t just affect the bottom line: food that is not eaten ends up in landfills, where it rots and produces greenhouse gasses. The food service industry has long focused on preventing wasteful product losses—losses that cost them billions of dollars each year. In particular, gr … read more
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Reducing Food Waste on Campus

Posted on 22nd Mar 2017

Food waste can be defined as the disposing of wholesome food. And food waste in America is a very complicated issue, due in part to the sheer scale of the problem.For instance, as a nation, food waste statistics indicate we discard an estimated 130 billion pounds of food each year. This amounts to approximately $160 billion annually, the equivalent of $500 per person.This total also include … read more
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