HexArmor® Gloves

Taking measures to reduce hand injuries can save a significant amount of annual operating costs. With ISEA level 5 and ISEA level 7 cut protections, HexArmor gloves are the ultimate method of hand protection. HexArmor Gloves are made with innovative fabric technology that yields excellent cut, puncture, and sharps resistance. HexArmor Gloves are available with varying types of protections for different tasks.

  • HexArmor® NXT™ 10-302 Gloves

    HexArmor® NXT™ 10-302 Gloves

    With TruShield™ Performance protection and comfortable CoreTek™ materials, the HexArmor NXT 302 Cut Glove offers the perfect combination of dexterity and cut protection. The HexArmor NXT 302 features one of the highest levels of cut...

  • HexArmor® PointGuard™ X Gloves

    HexArmor® PointGuard™ X Gloves

    Rated at an ISEA level 5 protection, HexArmor PointGuard X gloves offer the highest level of cut and sharps resistance available. HexArmor PointGuard X gloves have cut, sharps, and puncture protection on the entire underside of the hand, the tip of...