Safe2Ship™ Bodily Fluid Spill Protection Kit and Mailback Program

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Safely clean up and dispose of hazardous bodily fluid spills with the Safe2Ship™ Bodily Fluid Spill Protection Kit & Mailback Program. This bodily fluid spill kit contains all the essential supplies to safely clean up hazardous spills. Once the spill is contained, simply place the biohazard material into the 1 gallon biohazard bucket and mail back in the postage paid mailback box provided. The hazardous material will be safely disposed of at a treatment facility.

Great For: safely disposing of hazardous spills.

Kit Contents: 1 package Red Z Solidifier (21 grams); 2 pairs of exam gloves; 1 combination mask/face shield; 3 P.A.W.S. antiseptic cleansing wipes; 2 Sanizide Plus wipes (8” x 8”); 1 disposable gown with sleeves; 1 disposable bonnet; shoe covers; scoop/scraper; 2 biohazard bags with twist ties; 2 clear bags with twist ties; 2 wiper pads; instructions; identification tag; 1 gallon biohazard bucket; 1 postage paid.

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