Nomex Traditional Oven Mitt

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Reduce burn injuries in the kitchen with the Nomex Traditional Oven Mitt. This Tucker BurnGuard® oven mitt protects against burns in temperatures up to 450° F. Nomex oven mitts also have a VaporGuard™ barrier to protect against splatters, steams, and hot vapors. The Nomex Traditional Oven Mitt is available with either a sewn in liner or an interchangeable liner.

Great For: changing oven pans, range cooking, and grilling.

Materials: heat-resistant Nomex with a VaporGuard barrier.  Oven mitts are available with a sewn in or interchangeable liner; interchangeable liners are held in place with Velcro. Nomex Traditional Oven Mitt is NSF listed.

Insulation Value:  450° F.

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