Lobby Master Complete Set

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Reduce fatigue with the LobbyMaster® dust pan and broom system. This lobby dust pan and broom make it easy to sweep up messes without repeatedly bending down. The lobby dust pan features an easy lock 2-way PVC handle, raising the dust pan to a height of 37". Dust pan also includes integrated broom clean teeth. The lobby broom is equipped with a frayed bristle construction and will not absorb water.

Great For: reducing fatigue during sweeping.

Materials: lobby dust pan has a 2-way easy lock PVC handle, foot rest pads, an angled bottom, and integrated broom cleaning teeth; broom features a plastic handle with integrated hanging holeand a frayed bristle construction. Note: broom will not absorb water.

Note: LobbyMaster® Complete Set Combo includes a Clip’M™ broom clip to attach the broom to the lobby dust pan.

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