HexArmor® PointGuard™ X Gloves

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Rated at an ISEA level 5 protection, HexArmor PointGuard X gloves offer the highest level of cut and sharps resistance available. HexArmor PointGuard X gloves have cut, sharps, and puncture protection on the entire underside of the hand, the tip of the thumb, and along the outside edge of the hand. In addition to superior protection of the vulnerable areas of the hands, PointGuard X gloves are made of a durable fabric that offers excellent dexterity. Machine washable, PointGuard X gloves are great for unloading trucks and handling waste and broken glass.

Great For: handling broken glass, cleaning up tables, and working with sharps.

Materials: HexArmor with cut resistant SuperFabric™. PointGuard X Gloves have ISEA/CE level 5 cut resistance and are machine washable.

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