Hair & Beard Nets

Prevent dangerous food contamination with protective foodservice Hair & Beard Nets. Failure to wear hair nets in the foodservice industry will often result in health code violations and customer complaints. Lightweight and comfortable, nylon and non-woven hair and beard nets are unobtrusive yet highly effective.

  • Non-Woven Caps

    Non-Woven Caps

    Hair protective items are a very important aspect of kitchen apparel. This Non-Woven Cap is a spun-bonded poly material that feels like a soft fabric. Comfortable and functional, the Non-Woven Cap is an unobtrusive method of protecting food from hair...

  • Nylon Hair Nets

    Nylon Hair Nets

    Hair Nets are an essential item of kitchen apparel intended to prevent accidental food contamination. Nylon Hair Nets have a 1/16” honeycomb pattern and are packaged with 100 hairnets per box. With a stretching band that fits snugly around the head,...

  • Spun-Bonded Beard Nets

    Spun-Bonded Beard Nets

    Protecting food from facial hair is just as important as wearing a hair net or cap on the head while working with food. This Spun-Bonded Beard Net is made of a spun-bonded poly material with a soft fabric-like texture. Beard net covers the beard area and...