Aprons & Sleeves

Prevent cross contamination and practice safe personal hygiene with Aprons & Sleeves. Economical disposable aprons and sleeves can be worn for a task then removed and disposed of for easy cleanup. By protecting clothing from food particles and contamination, Aprons & Sleeves promote a hygienic kitchen environment.
  • Disposable Aprons

    Disposable Aprons

    Aprons are an important component of facility safety. Disposable aprons help prevent cross contamination when preparing food and using cleaning chemicals. Disposable aprons can be thrown away upon completion of a task or when they become soiled, leaving...

  • Disposable Poly Sleeves

    Disposable Poly Sleeves

    Disposable Poly Sleeves should be used in conjunction with gloves during food preparation. Sleeves protect the wrists, arms, and clothing. When a task is completed or sleeves become soiled, Disposable Poly Sleeves can be pulled off and disposed of,...