Cutting Boards

To prevent cross contamination and comply with FDA and HACCP guidelines, it is important to maintain proper cutting board procedures because cutting boards regularly come in direct contact with food. This collection of Cutting Boards is designed to assist in HACCP compliance and reduce the risk of cross contamination. Saf-T-Grip and Versa-Prep Cutting Boards are color-coded according to HACCP guidelines for use with different types of food.

  • Saf-T-Grip® Board Mate®

    Saf-T-Grip® Board Mate®

    The Saf-T-Grip® Board Mate® is a safety mat designed for use underneath a conventional cutting board to prevent cutting board slipping accidents. When food is chopped on a cutting board that is on a smooth surface, the board may slide and lead to...

  • Cut-N-Carry® Cutting Boards

    Cut-N-Carry® Cutting Boards

    Prevent cross contamination and food borne illness with color-coded Cut-N-Carry® Cutting Boards. Cut-N-Carry® Cutting Boards have an integrated food safety hook, enabling users to safely carry the board from a prep table to a pan. According to...