In the food service industry, it is important to make sure that sanitizer buckets are clearly marked and designated for cleaning use only. This collection of pails is designed to assist restaurant operators in maintaining a safe, clean kitchen environment. Brightly colored and clearly marked, the Chemical Utility Pails are an excellent way to ensure that a cleaning bucket is not mistaken for a food storage or general purpose pail.

  • Chemical Utility Pail

    Chemical Utility Pail

    PuraPail® Chemical Utility Pails are designed to prevent dangerous contamination resulting from using the same pail for food storage and sanitation chemicals. Great for janitorial restaurant functions, these 6 qt. pails are clearly marked as a...

  • General Sanitation Pails

    General Sanitation Pails

    This 6 qt. general purpose sanitation pail can be utilized to fulfill a variety of functions in a food service environment. A durable plastic container with handle, the general purpose sanitation pail can be designated to perform a task or similar set of...