Date Coder Labels (DM XL)

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DM XL Date Coder Labels fit the XL-Marker (DMXL) date coder. An extra large label size, DM XL labels display important food safety information in a large and readable font, ensuring accuracy and promoting safe food rotation procedure. DM XL labels are available in a variety of adhesives and styles for multiple restaurant applications.

Great For: food rotation systems and date labeling.

DuraMark™ labels have a permanent adhesive; MoveMark™ labels have a detach tab and removable adhesive; CoolMark™ labels have a durable freezer adhesive.

CoolMark™ and MoveMark™ DM XL labels are shipped 650 labels per roll. All DuraMark™ DM XL labels are shipped 650 labels per roll except DuraMark™ XL2 Red labels. DuraMark™ XL2 Red labels are packaged 1000 labels per roll.


Application: Use with DM XL Pro Date Coder 

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